Bunny Cord a.k.a. Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord

Private Library from David Vegezzi on Vimeo.

Speaking of personal sanctuaries (other than this one), prepare yourselves:

Grown-ups and tree-top loving kiddies, alike, are going to stop, drop and shimmy with glee for this one.

Behold, Vimeo and Andrew Berman’sDream Project,

A private library and writing studio for what may soon prove

The happiest author on earth…or just above it, anyway.

Also, check Berman’s fabulous lock-jaw drawl as he salivates over, er,

Describes his beautiful little building.

Next time, pray that he dons full Eastern-Seaboard yachting garb, please.

As for the heavenly little hut of which he rhapsodizes, its copper paneling will experience a cornucopia of colors and patina through time as nature licks the exterior deck.

The rainbow’s on its way.


The Bunny

Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord

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  1. December 3, 2011

    I’m in shock…Bunny Cord, aka EKC, is my FAVORITE LIVING WRITER and this architecture is the closest thing I’ve seen to FallingWater (Wrights Masterpiece) my FAV STRUCTURE. WOW.

  2. December 7, 2011

    Watched again- one shot looks like you are actually inside a giant piano, playing a “symphony of words”…I feel that this is prophetic of a new style of “musical writing,” that is more emotive, more heart-based, than head-based, more about the moment than the narrative…

  3. Elisabella #
    January 22, 2012

    You are so lovely – thank you – truly.

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