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Dear Reader,

                    Sometimes, common sense just gets in the damn way. Wouldn’t it be lovely if one could perform a tidy, temporary lobotomy and then just move the darn thing OUT of their path entirely? You know, if you could just pop outside of your head and inside of an adventure that you wouldn’t ordinarily dare?

Of course, it would be swell. And that’s why I’ve brought you Marvin’s Madness by Mark Nute.

If only we could lose our minds a little more…the animals would be freed from the zoo and the cork would be off the fork and we wouldn’t have to animate such things, the bedlam would be in our backyards….Wait…oops – it is. Oh, nooooo…

Illustrator / Animator / Artist Mark Nute’s Marvelous Cartoon Film Short of Strangeness (the adorable kind):

“Marvin,” The Boy With The Hole In His Head Who Lost Part of His Mind

(Really, who hasn’t?)

Like So many Good things kind of really kind of ought to, this piece includes British Accents and a bizarre poem laden with beserk truth.


Bunny Cord

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Oh, This one’s a damn doozy.

Megalomaniac Toast shares his ploy to take over the world.

It must be all that gluten.


The Bunny


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